Official Mooncoin Clients


Client last updated 4/3/2014. Current version 1.862.1.

VirusTotal now detects BitCoin mining software included in most altcoin
wallets. This is unfortunate because it means we trigger false positives now.
Disregard virus alerts that detect the wallet as "Bitcoin software" or other
such nonsense. There is absolutely no virus in the official wallets below.

The Mooncoin Official Windows Wallet is named Mooncoin-1.862.1.exe as provided
by us below in 7-zip format and a 7-zip Self Extracting Archive. It is a 32-bit
Windows portable binary that should work with all versions of Windows.

You can rename the wallet binary to suit your needs, but the file hashes
should be as follows:

  File: Mooncoin-1.862.1.exe (VirusTotal Scan Results)

CRC-32: 63f8b21c
   MD4: 5a0fb654c0f45a5584ebd727e1b8a7e5
   MD5: edc341b411f2e138850827cc13570ea1
 SHA-1: f04fc5dde039af945fd70386066fdb5a75464480
SHA256: 9004dc87e992e8f439ea138d20c2777bfec3e2bc5b1951564776c0828ef3c8d3

Once you download the wallet via the links below, you can validate the hashes by
using something like HashCheck Shell Extension.

Format: 7-zip (6.5mb)
  File: Mooncoin-1.862.1.7z 
CRC-32: b9b3989f
   MD4: c5ed0aafbc4c093afce9097db21f5467
   MD5: 289649662f682cf950d2d2607f07ad25
 SHA-1: 31a96c2aec92a07baf6534c84fd5af5189b4e6e6

Format: Self-Extracting 7-zip (6.7mb)
  File: Mooncoin-1.862.1-self-extracting.exe
CRC-32: 69ad35b5
   MD4: 420e0f7f2c5aad37b24d1a61cc5c0a02
   MD5: 702cc91af16ad647baea443f7c2ccbc1
 SHA-1: fd29ca6a1df773f28130c4bc59bef5bdbb5dba89

Apple OS X:

  Name: Mooncoin-Qt 
Format: Zip (15mb)
CRC-32: ce9fbd67
   MD4: 56b401244d019668adf92b411fb00569
   MD5: c27719d80806fa017b1a004b1188c7a3
 SHA-1: c82825b2ec4bae615cc7dadf514b3ead5c0b466a

Special thanks:

- Windows GUI wallet provided by Syntaks/Twoturtles, developer of BellaCoin.
- Mac GUI wallet provided by Maxpower from BTCtalk, master compiler of several dozen Mac altcoin wallets.